HEAMOCARE / Supports Immunity, Supplements Iron and Promotes Kidney Function / 30 Capsules



Iron deficiency is one of the World’s biggest nutritional problems as anaemia causes billions of people which involves population of all age group and sex to suffer from fatigue, compromised immune system and overall ill-health of the body. The World Health Organization says about 80% of the World’s population suffer from iron deficiency with roughly 30% classed as anaemia. Haemocare is an ever efficient herbal product gotten from various ingredients like Radix Panacis Quinquefolii which is effective in balancing Yin-Yang deficiency that prevents fever, breathing difficulties, fatigue and mouth dryness, Donkey-hide Gelatin which is popularly called “Holy Blood Treasure” is a powerful ingredient for the treatment of anaemia caused by various diseases, Lecithin and Ferrous Lactate are for the treatment of low level of iron. These ingredients are blended in a Traditional Chinese Medicine process to maintain the potency of these ingredients to help with the treatment of various iron deficiency illness, malnutrition and haemorrhagic.


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